Welcome to the most beautiful disposable notepad on the internet!

You can publish, post, or send your thoughts everywhere on the net. But where’s room for simple short notes, no matter if an useless to-do list or a bright idea. Where then put these thoughts?
  1. Save it in your email account as a draft? That isn’t just unesthetic, but also unhandy.
  2. Create a file in your cloud service? No account yet? Register first and wait for the email confirmation? What a pain.
  3. Do it the classical way by putting a paper note in your pocket? Think of all the poor trees! And worst case you lose the note or even the pants during the day.
Ok, it’s easy to badmouth something else. So, what’s good about this notepad?
  • Nothing gets lost: This notepad is permanently saving your changes. Even a blackout can’t steal your written thoughts.
  • No personal data necessary: You can either copy or send the note’s site address to get back to it or alternatively set a codeword to protect it from changes.
  • Simpleness and style: There’s nothing unnecessary, the eyes can relax and enjoy the minimalistic design.
  • Top secret: Use powerful 256-bit AES for client-side encryption of text ranges.
How do I create a note? You are already looking at your note. But it still has this default content. To get started and have the default text removed, please click here.

PS: Please be aware, that this is not a safe place for top-secret nuclear weapons plans or similar!